MedStack and Simpatico Intelligent Systems Announce Integration Partnership to Bring Privacy Compliance and Data Interoperability Together into a Powerful New Package for Digital Health Developers


Hamilton ON, April 27th, 2017. Today at Apps For Health 2017, MedStack and Simpatico Intelligent Systems announced the commercial availability of an integrated product offering that enables app developers and their healthcare provider partners to achieve healthcare privacy legislation and data interoperability standard compliance — in minutes.

Projects working with health information are typically complex undertakings that tend to incur tremendous time and effort, risking success from the outset. Simpatico’s product, Smile CDR, is a Clinical Data Repository that anticipates the needs of healthcare projects and comes with out-of-the-box functionality to make these projects much simpler and more cost effective to implement.

Delivered as a service on MedStack’s powerful platform, digital health developers can now focus on their clinical needs and deliver their applications to market faster, while seamlessly complying with privacy and security requirements mandated for health data.

The integrated offering provides a robust platform to support the ecosystem of applications in healthcare research, logistics, experience, and delivery. By accessing the HL7 FHIR database capabilities of Smile CDR within MedStack’s HIPAA and PHIPA-compliant healthcare application hosting environment, developers can benefit from SMILE CDR’s improved compatibility, security, terminology translation and auditing capabilities.

“Categorically and repeatedly, we hear from hospital innovation leads and app providers that meeting the complex and changing privacy protections standards in the digital realm, and ensuring that the applications they build can deliver and pull data seamlessly with hospital systems represent significant resource investments that can delay meeting healthcare opportunities. We are thrilled to work with Simpatico to make FHIR compatibility as flexible and easy to achieve as privacy compliance already is within the MedStack environment”, said Balaji Gopalan, Co-Founder and CEO, MedStack.

“After our own underwhelming experience working with traditional CDRs, we decided to build SMILE CDR, which is designed to make it easy, fast, secure and cost effective for application developers to store health data. Our integration with MedStack removes barriers to adoption typically faced by application developers when working with traditional CDRs, and tremendously accelerates go-to-market timing for them,” said James Agnew, CTO, Simpatico Intelligent Systems.

Simpatico Smile CDR is available now for US and Canadian developer customers as an optional integrated add-on with MedStack compliant application hosting.

About MedStack

MedStack, Inc. is a Toronto, Canada-based company focused on empowering broader innovation in healthcare by removing barriers to digital product development.

About Simpatico Intelligent Systems

Simpatico Intelligent Systems specializes in delivering fast, secure, compliant data infrastructures as a service to enable and empower interconnectivity for data intensive sectors such as healthcare.