Without Medstack

Healthcare innovation projects face rapidly-rising costs and long delays

With MedStack

More digital applications integrated with more healthcare enterprises on standardized security and integration frameworks
Our Customer Said

With MedStack, we easily switched off of a labor-intensive AWS setup, freeing up our team to work on our core products and growth. Great company and robust HIPAA compliance!

Raphael Anstey, CEO of CircleLink Health

How does MedStack work?

MedStack supports data residency and healthcare data privacy expectations in multiple jurisdictions around the world.


Why should you invest in Privacy Compliance and Security?

Healthcare enterprises, from hospitals, to insurance payers to public health organizations, are under increasing pressure to protect patient privacy and are facing fines for violation more than ever before. IT diligence on security and privacy practices in apps and the businesses that make them will not be compromised, and if the overhead is too high, adoption will be blocked. Also, with incredibly expensive enterprise IT projects such as EHR implementations underway, developers must expect to be asked to interoperate app data – it’s the only adoption model that will be accepted.


Privacy Compliance

Privacy policies for industry regulations are pre-written and real-time auditable by MedStack’s platform, backed by your access to our Active Compliance Monitoring System. Our HIPAA Business Associate Agreement, Annual Penetration Test, Privacy Impact Assessment and Threat Risk Assessment are available to you as well as part of your subscription to support your customer audits.

MedStack also offers you discount access to employee privacy training, business privacy assessment and business policies via our partners Privacy Horizon, the leaders in technology privacy consulting, and cyber-liability insurance via Zensurance. We will work with you for all industry and customer privacy audits to ensure that you are positioned for success and rapid adoption.



MedStack’s automation system installs all security configurations and controls required to ensure your app runs and manages data in the cloud to the highest standards of data security and privacy compliance, such as HIPAA, PIPEDA, PHIPA and more.

These controls include: defense-in-depth separation architecture, hypervisor active intrusion-detection, TLS restricted transmissions, 2FA admin access, and more. They are installed, tested, managed and maintained by MedStack’s system without requiring any special code in your app, consistently, irrespective of the cloud host underneath. All backed by our high-standard SLA.