Why MedStack ?

Built specifically for the needs of the healthcare industry, we are the only solution that combines the power of a developer-friendly platform with built-in security and provable compliance, so you can confidently provide the assurance needed to sell your application.

What Makes us Different


Built for Digital Health

MedStack’s security posture has been reviewed and accepted in implementation by
healthcare enterprises, including several notable payers and providers in North America,
as well as government agencies and academic institutions.


Compliant by Design

Privacy and security compliance is proactively built-in and hard-coded into MedStack’s
platform, not just delivered as a task list that then requires implementation.


All-In-One Solution

With an exclusive focus on data security and privacy for digital health, MedStack brings
together a turnkey cloud developer experience with industry-proven security architecture and
associated inheritable policies and evidence generation tools for certifications, along with a
seamless system to align validated responses to vendor security assessment questionnaires.

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