Why MedStack?

MedStack empowers hospitals and other healthcare enterprises to onboard more digital innovations faster, by helping application developers meet privacy, security expectations up front, before IT diligence even starts.

Most healthcare innovations never make it to the providers and patients that need them, because enterprise data security and privacy diligences are complex and expensive for both developers and healthcare execs. MedStack supports high standards of security and privacy management, but speeds diligence through standardization of architecture and regulation-mapped policies.

Without MedStack
Developers face overshot schedules and exceeded budgets due to architecture and legal work for compliance and interoperability.
With MedStack
Developers can focus on the clinical aspects of their application and deliver better patient value via their own innovations in user experience, workflow and analytics.

Learn more about the complexities and tricky nuances of compliance and data security and how MedStack simplifies the ecosystem.

These tasks are projects in themselves, yet are non-negotiable. Let’s unpack the details.

How does MedStack work?

MedStack supports data residency and healthcare data privacy expectations in multiple jurisdictions around the world.

We support the largest selection of infrastructure technologies and tools.

If your stack item can be hosted in a Docker container, MedStack can secure it for healthcare data.

Contact us to discuss how we would implement your preferred stack.

The MedStack Process

  1. Log into the seamless MedStack Control dashboard, creating tiered hierarchical accounts for the business owner, developers, and financial planners as you need. HIPAA Business Associate Agreement and our fully-auditable privacy policies are included free with your account.
  2. Set up the Docker containers for your application server and databases with the size and configuration you need, all using standard Docker terminology and workflows. These can be set up in a cluster and with load balancers to suit your performance and growth needs.
  3. Pricing for your requirements can be determined here.
  4. You’re billed seamlessly to your credit card each month.
  5. 24/7 Email support is available to support your operations and expanding technology requirements.
Automatically configured encryption, firewalls, certificate management, backups, patches, intrusion detection, loss prevention, and two-factor admin access.
Infrastructure privacy policies, active monitoring, audit logging with visualization, employee and developer privacy training, business policies.
Developer Flexibility
Support for any Linux or .NET core framework, all popular database systems and many CI/CD and deployment choices.
US, Canadian, and European healthcare privacy and data residency support, across a choice of major public cloud providers.

Learn more about the complexities and tricky nuances of compliance and data security and how MedStack simplifies the ecosystem.

These tasks are projects in themselves, yet are non-negotiable. Let’s unpack the details.

Privacy Compliance

Privacy policies for industry regulations are pre-written and real-time auditable by MedStack’s platform, backed by your access to our Active Compliance Monitoring System. Our HIPAA Business Associate Agreement, Annual Penetration Test, Privacy Impact Assessment and Threat Risk Assessment are available to you as well as part of your subscription to support your customer audits.

MedStack also offers you discount access to employee privacy training, business privacy assessment and business policies via our partners Privacy Horizon, the leaders in technology privacy consulting, and cyber-liability insurance via Zensurance. We will work with you for all industry and customer privacy audits to ensure that you are positioned for success and rapid adoption.

MedStack comes integrated with built-in compliance operations:

  • Managed IP, networking and OS patches
  • Automatic and encrypted audit logs
  • HIPAA BAA and GDPR amendments
  • SLA-backed support and incident management systems
  • Hands-on support for customer and industry compliance audits

MedStack's Docker platform is built with security guarantees that ensure your app runs and manages data in the cloud to the highest standards of data security and privacy compliance, such as HIPAA, PIPEDA, PHIPA and more.

These controls include: defense-in-depth separation architecture, hypervisor active intrusion-detection, TLS restricted transmissions, 2FA admin access, and more. They are installed, tested, managed and maintained by MedStack’s system without requiring any special code in your app, consistently, irrespective of the cloud host underneath. All backed by our high-standard SLA.

MedStack secures and protects your healthcare data via:

  • Defence-in-Depth with single-tenant architecture
  • VM-level Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and file-integrity monitoring
  • Guaranteed encryption of all incoming connections with TLS 1.2+
  • AES-256 transparent disk encryption
  • Automated AES-256 encrypted backups of all data
  • 2-Factor authentication protecting all accounts

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