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Product Features

One-click Clusters

Deploying cloud resources on MedStack Control can be done in one-click, simplifying and automating resource provisioning rules, ensuring every cloud service governed by MedStack Control adheres to the privacy and security mandates defined by HIPAA and SOC 2 authority documents.

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disaster recovery engine

Disaster Recovery Engine

Every MedStack Control cluster enforces immutable backup procedures that automatically capture snapshots of Docker environment configurations, volume data, and managed database servers, strengthening your application’s posture against ransomware, malicious cyberattacks, and disasters.

Alert Manager

Cluster-based alerts and configurable notification lists govern the dispatch of important information about cluster infrastructure automatically, ensuring teams and systems are informed of events impacting your resources in real-time.

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container registry

Container Registry Integration

By providing MedStack Control with basic authentication credentials to a container registry, applications are deployed by pulling a delegated container image and distributing it across containers upon separated single tenant infrastructure.

Pipeline Integration

Whether you have an existing CI/CD pipeline or manually deploy application instances, MedStack Control’s API and webhook integration fit workflows for any deployment system.

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On-Demand Webinar: Docker Build

Docker is a container orchestration platform that gives developers the ability to package and run applications in isolated environments.

Learn how MedStack’s platform makes it easy to deploy containerized applications. 


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