How Does MedStack Pricing Work?

MedStack's platform will scale to meet the expectations of your infrastructure. Upon agreement of initial pricing, the first month's subscription will cover setup of initial infrastructure. No other setup fees are charged.

We work together with your development team to set up an environment that supports your preferred developer tools and specifications. MedStack’s platform will scale to meet the expectations of various-sized infrastructures. As you grow, your MedStack infrastructure will scale to meet your requirements.

Do you have any questions? 

Each healthcare app is unique and MedStack’s goal is to make you successful. Reach out and we’ll help you build a fully compliant and interoperable digital health solution.


Jacob Jackson
Director of Business Operations

Technical Overview

Download MedStack’s Technical Overview today. In this document, you will see a summary of MedStack’s platform, including information about our architecture, privacy and compliance offering, and our HL7 FHIR database API.

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