MedStack Expands to Europe and Latin America



After almost 3 years of delivering our healthcare innovation platform in Canada and the U.S., we are excited to announce support for customers who are expanding their healthcare apps and services to patients to the rest the world and to open opportunities for digital health innovators outside North America as well. Later this year, we will be expanding our cloud platform support to Europe and Latin America. This move enables us to service a whole new group of healthcare app developers focused on commercialization in those regions.

What does this mean? MedStack customers operating in Europe and Latin America will be able to leverage in-country hosting and healthcare data privacy policies for those jurisdictions through our secure cloud hosting platform.

Blue Mesa Health, a valued MedStack customer in North America, will be the first to take advantage of this new offering. Patients across the globe will be able to use their Diabetes Prevention Program to manage their chronic disease, as many have already done here.

CEO and co-founder of Blue Mesa Health Curtis Duggan weighed in on his company’s expansion plans: “Our vision since the inception of Blue Mesa Health has been to be the global leader in the prevention and eradication of diabetes worldwide. This is an extremely complex undertaking. We value the ability of MedStack, as one of our key IT and data partners, to support this expansion as we launch on multiple continents simultaneously this year. We look forward to helping people in Europe, South America, the Middle East and elsewhere to prevent type 2 diabetes.”

We are very excited to be furthering healthcare innovation for more patients and providers through our new international offering. If you are building solutions as a MedStack customer in North America and are looking to expand internationally, or if Europe or Latin America is your first roll-out market, we can work with you to deliver security-assured hosting infrastructure with industry-leading developer flexibility and pricing. Please reach out to us at