September Product Updates


September Product updates

This September, our team released the self-service maintenance feature. This feature enables our customers to trigger node maintenance upgrades on their terms before a scheduled maintenance deadline. 

You can read about performing maintenance on nodes in our support documentation.

We have also created a tutorial for upgrading nodes that provides detailed step-by-step instructions. 

In addition to releasing this exciting new feature, we’ve addressed several under-the-hood system improvements that further improve the reliability of MedStack Control clusters.


What we’re working on

In October, we will be working with our customers on maintenance for nodes created before September 2, 2022. These nodes can be maintained by our customers’ teams through the new self-service maintenance feature before October 17, 2022. If our customers choose not to exercise this option, we will be performing it through the MedStack Control System on October 18, 2022. 

Additionally, our team is working hard on a feature that will improve the modularity of cloud providers powering cluster resources. Stay tuned for more on this in the coming months.


MedStack Control Feature Highlight

Our September product feature is the ability to receive cluster alerts in Slack. This convenient feature allows users to connect their MedStack Control account to a dedicated Slack channel, and receive real-time notifications. 

We have provided a tutorial of how to add an email address for a Slack channel to the notification list. 

For more information about managing cluster-based alerts, and a comprehensive list of the types of cluster alerts, see our documentation

What do you want to see in our next product blog?

We want to hear from you! Going forward, MedStack will be releasing a monthly blog highlighting a different feature of MedStack Control, as well as providing updates about what our product and engineering teams have been working on.

What do you want to see in October’s blog?