In this post, we highlight the latest in MedStack product updates, new resources, and company announcements for the month of April.

Product Updates


Docker Rollback Strategy Configuration

We unveiled a new set of configuration rules for a service’s update strategy, allowing Docker to automatically rollback a service update if Dockerfile healthcheck failures are detected  🐳 🛠️

When the update strategy failure action is configured to “rollback” and exceeds the max failure tolerance, Docker springs into action, rolling back to the previous service configuration in an automatic update.

✅ Ensure seamless service updates in production
⏰ Reduce downtime and manual intervention in the event of unsuccessful updates in production
⚙ Improve application availability if unexpected events happen during product releases and migrations

See it in action here, and visit our docs for more info on configuring Docker services on MedStack Control.


Automatic DNS Validation

Automatic DNS validation is now available on MedStack Control 🏁

As an improvement on MedStack’s networking and validation for services, this new feature:

⏩ Promotes faster onboarding by reducing misconfiguration issues
🕵‍♂️ Detects DNS resolution issues and prevents service deployment
🔐 Introduces security improvements to certificate management when adding and removing domains

When a service is created, updated, or when a DNS record impacting a domain hosted on MedStack Control changes, DNS resolution issues will be detected and surfaced.

Learn more about automatic DNS validation here.



Introducing Weekly Office Hours

📢 We’re excited to announce the launch of weekly Customer Success Office Hours! 📆✨

Hosted by MedStack Product Director Marcus Polini and Security and Privacy Analyst Tazeen Naqvi, these sessions are a chance for existing MedStack customers to connect directly with our team and ensure you’re getting the most out of MedStack Control and Exos by MedStack.

🚀 Learn compliance best practices to help you succeed
💪 Get tailored advice on how to achieve your desired outcomes
🔄 Share your feedback so we can continue to deliver a superior product experience

Office hours will be held every Tuesday and Thursday, with 8 dedicated slots per week. Reserve your spot here.


New Product Onboarding Video

🎥 Product Director Marcus Polini shows off the latest and greatest in this in-depth video walkthrough, showcasing how to build, deploy, maintain and audit compliant digital health applications with our out-of-the-box tooling 🎉

Whether you’re a seasoned MedStack Control user or just discovering our offerings, this video is designed to help maximize your experience with our platform.


Singapore Data Privacy Impact Assessment

Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), regulated by the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC), sets forth guidelines governing the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data of individuals. Compliance with the PDPA is not only a legal requirement but also a cornerstone of maintaining trust and credibility with your customers.

We’ve undertaken a comprehensive data privacy impact assessment to help you understand its essential requirements, how MedStack align with those requirements to safeguard your data, as well as your own responsibilities and obligations under the law.

Get it touch to learn more about how MedStack can support your expansion efforts and ensure you meet the highest standards of data privacy compliance.



G2 Spring 2024 Momentum Leader

MedStack has been named a Momentum Leader in G2’s Spring Report! 🥇🏆

The Momentum Leader distinction recognizes the high-trajectory products that software buyers need to know about, with scoring based on user satisfaction, employee growth, and digital presence 🌟 🎉

In addition to this prestigious badge, we’ve also been recognized once again as a High Performer in Healthcare Compliance, as well as a High Performer in Healthcare Risk Management 🙌 🙌

Thank you to all of our amazing customers who have shared their feedback and experiences, helping us to achieve this recognition!

Read the full announcement here.

Looking for more of these updates? Visit our changelog to stay in-the-know on all of our of latest product news.