Enabling technology to make the world better is what we do at MedStack – here is another way we do it



Giving back to the community is an important part of MedStack’s company DNA

Today, MedStack made a significant step towards our commitment to supporting the sustainment of a better world through technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. We have pledged a small percentage of our company’s future equity value to the Upside Foundation of Canada, joining their mission to “empower the high-growth startup sector to give back”, which resonates with our mission to enable more innovators to tackle important societal challenges such as healthcare. Upon future growth of MedStack via capital, we will shift this pledge to a donation to an important charitable cause.

Making this formal commitment is an important reflection of our company culture at MedStack.  We believe in the important role of entrepreneurship in society, and in sharing success to foster more equality, fulfillment, and participation for everyone.  It’s why we’ve built this company the way we have.

We will be exploring ways in which our partnership with the Foundation may be expanded, building on the strength of our aligned vision – stay tuned.

The Upside Foundation of Canada is a partner of the larger Pledge 1% global movement, founded by the Salesforce Foundation and others. For more information, visit http://upsidefoundation.ca.