TAMVOES: Simplifying Personal Health Data Management


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Earlier this month, we welcomed TAMVOES into our MedStack customer community and have been closely following the company’s soft launch. In this interview with Madison McBay, Co-Founder of TAMVOES, we discuss the current realities of personal health data management and how TAMVOES is meeting an unmet need.

What problem does TAMVOES solve?

Individuals are often forced to repeat the timeline of their illness to many health care providers. Each time a patient is transferred to a new hospital or clinic they are having to repeat their story. This is not only onerous on them, but important aspects of their past care can be left out or forgotten.

Additionally, often important medical information is stored with only medical professionals having access and not available to individuals. We are working to create a platform that allows individuals to have access to their own personal information and enable them to also view information and updates from family members and friends.

How does your solution work?

Our ‘My Health Profile’ feature allows users to record all aspects of their physical health including vitals, symptom management and health history. This feature will soon detect when there are abnormalities in an individual’s recordings and automatically warn them when they may need to visit their medical professional. TAMVOES is a tool for individuals to improve and understand their holistic physical, mental, and social wellbeing.

TAMVOES also allows users to create a detailed journal regarding their health and personal information, providing them with a timeline of important events in their life. Adding members to your team means you can share important information with them. Events such as medical appointments can easily be shared with friends, family and professionals.

What type of information can individuals store on your platform?

The ‘Personal Data Trust’ is part of our feature roadmap and coming soon. With the Personal Data Trust, individuals can store and share a wide range of information. TAMVOES can be used to store and organize medical, financial, personal and legal information. Many different types of files can be stored such as documents, photos, charts and much more. It is a great way to share confidential information securely to family and professionals. TAMVOES is the best place to store anything from medical records to real estate documents.

Does putting the onus on individuals to manage their own personal information require more work on their part?

TAMVOES is very user friendly and makes it easy to input and manage personal information. Not to mention, our platform can be used to whatever degree the user is comfortable. Unlike other methods of storing information, TAMVOES organizes your data for you. We have all spent far too much time looking for a lost document or medical record. TAMVOES eliminates this hassle and saves you time by consolidating all of your important information in one place.

How does TAMVOES compare to other solutions on the market? 

The overall comprehensiveness of our solution provides a benefit over our competitors. Other competing solutions focus on only one aspect of personal information storage such as solely storing users’ medical records. No other solution provides a way to allow users to effectively store and organize information from all the facets of their life (medical, legal, financial, and more).

How does TAMVOES facilitate the sharing of information with healthcare providers? 

TAMVOES effectively allows you to share documents and updates with healthcare providers and any other members of your ‘Team’. After healthcare providers create their own account, they simply connect with their clients’ accounts and they can selectively share information back and forth with their client. Healthcare providers can be updated on information from multiple clients from their account.

What role has MedStack played in allowing you to develop a secure solution?

It was an easy decision to have TAMVOES’ security requirements powered by MedStack. MedStack provides secure, flexible, single-tenant cloud infrastructure tailored to our unique requirements, with pre-written, code-generated and real-time auditable privacy policies around complex frameworks such as HIPAA and PIPEDA. MedStack is a local company that is only a few years ahead of us in time, proving to be a great role model for our growth as a company.

What are your predictions for how individuals manage their own information in the coming years? 

We are seeing a rapid shift from paper to digital files across every industry. Not only are individuals shifting to storing their files online, but they are relying on data management platforms to be secure and organize/manage their files for them. The next 5-10 years we will see a shift in people wanting to gain more control and access over their personal information and creating secure platforms they can use to share and store their personal information.

For TAMVOES this will mean inclusion of Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics to inform individuals of their health like never before. We hope to connect universally with wearable devices and electronic medical record systems. The future is smart technology and that is where TAMVOES plans to be.