Leadership Spotlight: MedStack’s CEO Balaji Gopalan


MedStack's CEO Balaji Gopalan against a white background. He is wearing a grey quarter zip sweater

At MedStack, we’re enabling an evolution in the healthcare industry as the technology innovators behind the innovators. 

One of the biggest challenges faced by the global population, both before the COVID pandemic and well after it, is access and efficiency in the delivery of healthcare. Regardless of one’s age, location, wealth, or status, healthcare can always be made more accessible, equitable, and user-friendly.

My parents have been long-term patients in the system, and my wife is a healthcare worker. My co-founder’s parents are retired healthcare providers. Every one of the founders we work with has a personal motivation for helping to make the system more efficient. Whether you are waiting for access, results, or treatment, patients and providers both find that healthcare information and communication systems can be slow, through no fault of the humans who have dedicated their lives to delivering care. 

This is where MedStack comes in. 

We believe that more innovators need to be invited to the ecosystem serving up solutions. Our customers are building technology solutions in healthcare. And as startups, they simply don’t have the capacity or highly specific expertise to navigate the continuously evolving data privacy requirements, security regulations, and compliance expectations governing the healthcare payers and providers they partner with. We’re here to streamline privacy and security protocols for our customers. We are building the platform and applications that can accelerate their success because their success will ultimately benefit everyone. 

The opportunity to be part of something that is philosophically bigger from a social impact is genuinely inspiring. It’s energizing to have the chance to channel your technical skills, your problem-solving abilities, and your thirst for knowledge and innovation into making a difference. We’re a startup ourselves, so, understandably, there may be long hours and an expectation to work faster. We orthogonally face a demand for the highest standards of technology resilience, performance, and scalability to meet the needs of customers operating in the healthcare space. There is no room for complacency or quick fixes. As a new venture in an established space, there is a clear opportunity to create something that hasn’t existed before and see it come to life. There is a chance not just to ask how something typically disconnected, manual, and repetitive can be made better, but to solve the problem through groundbreaking technology. There’s a purpose here, a meaning to the work you do, and it’s genuinely motivating.

We are all an integral part of the machine – and we are all human.

At MedStack, we believe the best team is a balanced team with diverse experiences and opinions brought forward by people who think multi-dimensionally. It’s all about balance – creativity and engineering; innovation and resilience; work and life; learning and mentorship. As a leader, I want to empower my team with the skills and coaching they need to do their best work, and I welcome their perspectives. I advocate for transparency in communication as a means to earn trust and confidence. We operate very quickly – often, things change suddenly -and as a remote team, it’s essential that everyone has all of the information they need to make smart, independent decisions, to know who to reach out to for support, and to have clarity on the expectations I have of them.

We are building an organization that people want to be part of.

Challenges, empowerment, and a drive towards our success and that of our clients: that’s what we offer. Everyone here contributes to the delivery of our platform and knows what they are bringing to the market is a game-changer. That’s why we measure an individual’s success based on how successful our whole team is. 

Joining us is an opportunity to know you are part of a community of purpose-driven pioneers. Our customers build amazing things that are changing this vital industry, from platforms that help more efficiently and accurately report sensitive health emergencies to systems that ensure family care is made better and more friendly for the elderly, to applications that encourage healthier living for those suffering from chronic conditions, even to technologies that transform the way genomic data helps us discover new cures and treatments

As a part of the MedStack team, you will play a vital role as we pursue our goals to deliver value to our customers, earn recognition as having enabled our customers, and successfully standardize an ecosystem of innovation for healthcare.

Our team is growing, and we’re hiring for multiple roles including a Software Engineer and Senior Backend Developer. If you want to join our dedicated team and use your skills to help better the healthcare industry – visit our Jobbio page or follow us on LinkedIn to learn more about us and our opportunities. 

You can also apply directly on our careers page.