Maple Launches Ontario’s Latest Telemedicine Platform



MedStack’s latest partner, Maple, recently launched their telemedicine platform in Ontario. With Maple, Ontario residents and visitors to the province can receive physician consultations online 24/7, in just minutes! Maple provides patients with real-time video consultations with physicians, allowing them to receive care whenever, and wherever they need it. Patients can see a doctor and receive an assessment, diagnosis, prescriptions and sick notes, all in the comfort of their own home. To learn more about Maple, visit

Maple’s platform was built on MedStack’s suite of developer tools to ensure compliance with Ontario’s Personal Health Information Protection Act 2004 (PHIPA). MedStack goes above and beyond in addressing privacy requirements, by implementing a multi-layer security system that protects patient data. This means that all personal health information collected while using Maple, including identifying information, medical history and treatment plan, are protected with the highest security and privacy standards. Building with MedStack allows Maple to provide patients with a high quality and secure telemedicine experience. Patients can have peace of mind in knowing that their health information is kept safe and private.

Medstack has been instrumental in helping Maple design and implement a secure solution for hosting medical data, in a manner that complies with Ontario’s legislative requirements and PHIPA guidelines. The protection of our customers’ personal health information is our highest priority, and Maple could not have launched without MedStack’s custom tailored solutions.

— Dr. Brett Belchetz, Co-founder & CEO at Maple

We are extremely proud to be part of Maple’s product building journey. We look forward to working together as Maple expands to new geographies, providing additional services to deepen and enrich the online interaction between patients and providers. Congratulations!

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