My Summer at MedStack

We asked our summer intern to share his experiences with MedStack.

My Summer at MedStack


While the bottom line is important, the magnitude of a company’s impact is just as, if not more valued in the healthtech industry. For the past five months, I have been lucky enough to work for MedStack – a company that is at the forefront of 2018’s healthtech market. As a Sales Development Analyst at MedStack, I conduct various marketing and sales activities, including lead research and reach outs, business process optimization, as well as customer and business analyses.


It became clear early on that MedStack’s CEO Balaji Gopalan and MedStack’s Business Development Manager Jacob Jackson viewed my time with them as a two-way relationship. Within the first week of work I had a meeting with Balaji and we discussed what I wanted to get out of my time with MedStack. It was at this moment that I knew I had found a great company to work with. From this meeting on, we discussed projects that I felt would be a good use of work hours, many of which were accepted, such as the construction of an ideal customer profile or a Python script to automate certain aspects of lead research. This made me feel like a valued member of the team as my opinion mattered to Balaji and Jacob – something that I have heard is rare in an internship.

MedStack’s Culture

MedStack’s work is remote with bimonthly meetings in person and while there are tasks that must be completed at specific times, this meant that my work could be molded to fit my schedule. As I was taking extra courses at the University of Toronto this summer and participating in several extracurricular activities, this was perfect for my situation and I imagine would be preferable for any post-secondary student.

With remote work, most people would probably expect it to be difficult to build and maintain a unique culture; however, the reality of this could not be further from the truth. At our bimonthly meetings, everyone is excited to be working together and socializing in real time, face to face. While I was the newcomer to the group, everyone was outgoing and worked to include me into the conversation, which was highly appreciated as attending a day-long event with no one I knew was a little daunting.

Making an Impact

While learning about sales, marketing, and MedStack’s product was an incredible opportunity, what I valued most was being able to make an impact on the company with my work. My work assignments, such as client reach outs, were of significant value to our daily operations. The impact did not stop there though. MedStack’s platform doesn’t just help healthtech companies launch faster, make a positive impact sooner, and increase their probability of success, but it also keeps patients and their data safe. As I have a long history of volunteering for organizations such as the Canadian Cancer Society it was important to me that I could be having a positive effect with my time.

Lessons Learned

At the beginning of the Summer with MedStack, I was expecting to gain work experience; I was not expecting to alter my intended career path. I cannot express how influential the past four months that I spent with MedStack have been. A direct result of my time here have been my choices to start the first University of Toronto Biomedical Design Team and to pursue a minor in Bioengineering so that I can learn more about the medical side of healthtech. In my various communications with other healthtech companies, as well as my experience representing MedStack at conventions, I have realized that individuals involved in this industry are extremely giving and willing to collaborate. They’re pursuing not only business success but also positive social impacts, and it is truly amazing to see the company I work for be a paramount example of this.

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Tim is an aspiring management consultant and second year student at U of T studying Industrial Engineering.