Will Coronavirus Be the Tipping Point for Digital Health?



The global coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak serves as a stark reminder of why the movement towards cloud-based healthcare is so important.

Putting aside any news of a pandemic, our existing healthcare systems are already strained. Hospitals are at (or in some places, over) capacity and hallway medicine has become the new normal, with underlying chronic conditions and an aging population driving 75% of healthcare spend.

The need for digital health innovation could not be more pressing and cloud-based technologies have the ability to address this challenge, powering healthcare’s capacity transformation and enabling care to more people in more places.

A pandemic situation only highlights the importance of delivering care while reducing the risks associated with hallway medicine, with an end goal of providing patients with care as quickly as possible while minimizing any disruption to daily life.

MedStack has been a champion of digital health since our inception and we are proud to work with so many customers who are fighting tirelessly to fulfill this promise. Maple, Snapclarity and HealthCasa are just a few examples, with countless more providing services from telemedicine to in-home healthcare.

Of course, in this highly politicized and sensitive environment, a move to digital healthcare delivery also shines a bright spotlight on data privacy. Faith and trust are paramount, but patients will only ever feel assured if we can guarantee their safety and privacy. Without the promise of security and transparent protection, digital health services would be unable to deliver value. This is why we do what we do at MedStack. We will continue to stand up for better healthcare for all, throughout this crisis and beyond.