HealthCasa At Work: Delivering Health and Wellness Services to Your Office



We had the pleasure of catching up with Dr. Karen Klein, Co-Founder and CEO at HealthCasa, who has been doing amazing work in healthcare accessibility and finding innovative ways to bring patients and practitioners together. We asked Karen to share an update on what HealthCasa has been up to since the last time we spoke, and tell us about their recently launched service, HealthCasa At Work.  


What exactly is HealthCasa At Work?

HealthCasa At Work provides corporate health and wellness solutions to our corporate clients. We specialize in providing healthcare appointments and wellness sessions at the office, and offer appointments in a variety of disciplines including Chiropractic, Registered Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Chiropody, Orthotics and more. In addition to our individual appointments, we also offer health and wellness seminars and workshops. 

What inspired you to go in this direction?

HealthCasa At Work was the natural evolution of our individual services. Initially we provided healthcare appointments to our individual patients at their homes and offices. Without fail, every time one of our practitioners went to see a patient for an appointment at their office, there would be several employees at that company who started asking all sorts of questions like, “how did you hear about this service?”, “where do I sign up?”, “what other services do you provide?” and more … the demand was real; we were gaining new patients without even trying.  

What kind of response have you witnessed so far? 

So far we’ve had an amazing response from our clients (the employers) and their employees. The employees love the convenience of having their appointments at their office, and employers love that they can increase employee engagement and productivity by creating a healthier workplace and keeping employees in the office.

Is there a cost to employers for this service?

The best part about HealthCasa At Work is that there is no cost to the employer for our individual core services (healthcare appointments at the office). On top of that, we do all the legwork. We take care of all the details so there is one less thing for the company’s management team to worry about.

What difference did MedStack make in the development of this product?

Keeping all of your personal information secure is always important, and when it comes to healthcare, the privacy and security of patient health records and other sensitive information is on another level. We rely on our partners at MedStack to ensure that our data, and that of our patients, stays safe. Partnering with MedStack allows us to focus on providing the best experience for our corporate clients and for our patients, with complete confidence that MedStack is keeping our data secure.

What’s the next milestone for HealthCasa?

As we continue to grow our footprint within the Greater Toronto Area, the next logical progression would be an expansion to other cities in Ontario and then to other provinces. Given that Ontario comprises almost 40% of Canada’s total population, we’re confident that there’s still plenty of growth opportunity in Ontario to be had.

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