Demo Hour Synopsis: March 2022



Being a remote-first company, MedStack has many rituals to keep our team connected. One of our favourite of these is our weekly demo hour. During demo hour, anyone on our team, regardless of their role, is encouraged to share what they have been working on. 

This page is a recap of each demo hour we had in March.


March 4 

To kick off demo hour, our CEO took us on a brief virtual tour of the co-working office he has been using while work is being done in his home. Though we are a remote team, MedStack offers options. 

Next, our Content Marketing Manager revealed a visualization of our customer landscape, and our Product Manager presented the initial scope document for an important new product direction for our company. 

Customer Success shared a brand new handbook, which has already come in handy in our growing team. Following the handbook reveal, our Product and Sales teams teamed up to summarize a discussion they were having about sales objection handling. 

As per usual, our engineering team had a number of exciting reveals, including some improved UX error handling, an expanded set of internal tools to help us with our ongoing architectural improvements, and some additional new UI screens on MedStack Control. They also shared some top-secret updates about our next big long-form technical project. 

Next, some major operational updates were announced, including the rollout of a new Production Support roster for better scale and support for our customers, and a new tracking system for employee onboarding. 

Our CEO closed out the meeting by sharing the February revenue numbers. 


March 11

This week held some big changes for our team. One of our engineers started his paternity leave, and we welcomed our new Customer Success Manager. 

We kicked things off with our marketing team presenting their inbound lead generation results for February. 

Afterwards, engineering demoed some deeply technical innovations. This included a prototype of a new database access method, some new security analysis insights, the great progress being made on our platform UI re-architecture, and some big next steps on our ongoing major infrastructure project.

The sales team then shared the results from the ViVe conference they had attended the previous week. It was great to see the industry getting back into the swing of in-person collaboration. To close things off, we wished our team members attending the HIMSS conference the following week good luck and safe travels! 


March 25

Our Director of Partnerships gave this week’s demo hour a strong start by presenting her new dashboard for the partner ecosystem. She also showed our team the traction we’re already seeing with brand and referral channels.

Following our partnerships demo, sales announced a new customer!

Next, engineering demoed the next live feature in our major platform project. 

Our Director of Sales then shared some high-honour mentions we’ve had in content from investors. If you want to read more, check out this article by Greycroft

Our CEO shared the exciting news that we have a new hire coming to our Customer Success team next month, and summarized the great experience he had judging a digital health pitch competition the previous day

We wrapped up with some policy and procedure updates from our HR lead, which are of the utmost importance as we continue to scale and maintain our positive work environment.

If you want to join the fun, check out the roles we’re hiring for in our Sales and Engineering departments.