CrowdPass: Making In-Person Assembly Safe Again



From the founders of CrowdSync Technologies and CrowdHealth, CrowdPass is an innovative and groundbreaking platform set on making large-scale events in the post COVID-19 world a reality. In this Q&A, the team at CrowdPass explains why they got into the events and healthcare industry as well as what the future of CrowdPass has in store.


What problem does CrowdPass solve?

The COVID and Post-Covid world of live events has been searching for a solution for the safe and secure return to large in-person events. At COVID’s onset it was an erased landscape. 

The CrowdPass Health-Clearance platform opens the doors for these events with peace of mind for everybody involved. Event organizers are able to pre-clear event attendees with COVID-19 test results or vaccination records. 


In your opinion, what is the biggest barrier to the event planning industry in a post-COVID-19 world?

Health Clearance. After events that shake the country and/or the world, health and safety infrastructures are developed and become the new normal. That’s what health-clearance in the post-covid world will become.


What are some of the different use cases of your application? 

CrowdPass was built around the idea of returning to large scale In-person assembly and events such as business conferences, concerts, productions, and many more.

But where we got our start early-on and where our first commercial use came in was actually weddings. Couples were fed up after a year of no in-person events and had both the excitement and flexibility to adopt our platform right out of the gate. We’re now CrowdPassing multiple weddings every weekend. 


How has your solution been received so far by organizers as well as event attendees?

Event organizers love it. The same reason they adopted it is the same reason they’re ecstatic – their doors are open back to normal. 

Attendees appreciate the ease of use and those that vouched for the platform are just as ecstatic as the event organizer. Some attendees have additional questions or hesitancy but as we say in our commercial, no proof no problem. Since our sister company CrowdHealth can provide onsite testing infrastructure and supplies, everything can run smoothly. We’ve covered every angle. And every attendee has been appreciative of that. 


Who are your competitors and how does CrowdPass compare?

Clear offers a Health Pass that is our main competitor. Because of how it’s set up it fits well in entities like airports. 

But CrowdPass does 3 things in particular that have helped out events a lot. The first is it offers a more cost-friendly solution. Secondly, event organizers are provided a smaller, closer, and incredibly communicative team of backend and onsite support specialists. And lastly, CrowdPass comes accompanied by unmatched health and events infrastructures built out in its sister companies CrowdHealth and CrowdSync. 


What do you consider the biggest milestone or success for CrowdPass?

We’re CrowdPassing our first concert festival soon and to us and much of the world that feels like a real shift into a sustainable and health-cleared post-covid world. 


What difference did MedStack make in the development of this application?

A huge one. As mentioned this Health-Clearance world is a developing landscape and there’s often questions. But CrowdPass has worked hard, intentionally, and effectively to define that health and safety infrastructure. Medstack and its institution of HIPAA compliance guarantees are the backbone of that. Event organizers really appreciate that consistency and trust as they navigate through us. 


What does the future look like for CrowdPass?

The sky’s the limit. Health-clearance for events is something we feel prepared for, and something that the world will be sensitive to for the foreseeable future. That as well as the event technology, activations, and attendee management solutions integrated through all of our event-tech companies provide for a really exciting future. 

Want to learn more about CrowdPass? Check out this short video they’ve put together! You can also click here to learn about some of our other digital healthcare heroes.