Announcing the General Availability of MedStack Control API 1.0



We’ve been getting lots of questions about when our API will be fully released since it was announced in Preview back in February.

Today, MedStack is excited to announce that the MedStack Control API 1.0 is now released in general availability!

This release includes new endpoints and features to better help developers quickly and seamlessly deploy services to compliant environments within existing CI/CD pipelines.

API 1.0 Capabilities

MedStack Control users with owner or technical permissions now have the ability to create personal access tokens which can be used to authenticate requests made against the MedStack Control API.

The following features were added in version 1.0 of MedStack’s APIs:

  •   We’ve included several new endpoints and resources to help you manage the Services your company offers on a granular level. Services can now be created and updated with specific images and tags that meet your company’s needs and can accommodate changes to Secrets and Configs in pipelines.
  •   We’ve released a feature called RefreshImage that allows for you to troubleshoot services by forcing a restart.
  •   The new Secrets feature will allow you to bake Secrets into CI/CD pipelines in order to make them more secure in production environments.
  •   The Configuration API now allows for developers to rapidly update and change Configs in CI/CD pipelines.


Generate API token

A guide on creating API tokens in MedStack Control


Supported requests: GET


  Use this to get your company unique identifier used in other API requests


Supported requests: GET




Supported requests: GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE


–   Faster method of creating new data entries as well us updating existing resources 

Refresh image

Supported requests: POST


  Update services that are using the “latest” image tag

  Troubleshoot services by forcing their restart


Supported requests: GET, POST, DELETE


  Bake Secrets into CI/CD pipelines making them more secure in production environments


Supported requests: GET, POST, DELETE


  Update and change Configs in CI/CD pipelines.


Supported requests: GET, POST, DELETE


  Data can be shared between containers. 

Want to see our API in action? Watch our recent demo on the Docker Build podcast and reach out to us here if you have any questions.