2024 Roadmap Priorities and Recent Product Releases


2024 Roadmap Key Visual

It’s been an incredibly busy start to the year for us here at MedStack, with our talented team releasing product improvements and new features faster than ever before.

With so many recent announcements, it felt like a good time to provide a roundup of our plans for 2024.

In this post, we will outline our upcoming product roadmap priorities and highlight some of our latest releases and resources.


Roadmap Priorities

Among the continuous product development we do to maintain our customers’ underlying cluster infrastructure, we are focusing on three themes for the first half of this year, in the following order:

  1. Decreasing downtime during deployments
  2. Increasing cluster observability logging and metrics
  3. Adding additional cluster and event-based alerting


These initiatives underscore our commitment to continuously improving our platform’s performance, reliability, and user experience. and have been chosen based on extensive customer feedback.We are thrilled about the impact these initiatives will have on our product and our users, and will continue to share our progress.


Recent Releases

Database Server Metrics

Database server metrics are now accessible via the MedStack Control dashboard 💻 📊

DB performance metrics are useful in indicating the health of your cluster resources. You can now query essential metrics such as CPU utilization, Memory utilization, and Network I/O within the past 30 days. See our docs for more info.



Backup Restoration

Earlier this month we announced an exciting new feature: on-demand backup restoration ♻ 🎉 🚀

Developers running healthcare applications on MedStack Control can now:

✅ Restore database servers to a specific point in time
✅ Restore Docker volume data to a node on which the volume exists
✅ Generate and export backup lists as evidence for compliance

Check out our guide discussing different backup restoration techniques for more information.



Reduced Deployment Downtime

We also announced support for load balancer health checks and update strategy values, allowing services to be configured for reduced downtime during deployments 🕧 ⌛

Thoughtful configuration of these values can drastically reduce the impact to application availability when updating services.

Configuring these values is supported in both the MedStack Control web application as well as our API. You can read more about reducing deployment downtime in this guide.



Ubuntu Testing

The MedStack team has been hard at work testing reliability improvements with Ubuntu as part of our ongoing commitment to delivering top-notch cluster node performance.

We’re currently running closed beta testing and inviting interested users to perform acceptance testing of Ubuntu 22.04 in their staging and development environments 💼✨

We anticipate a General Availability release date later this year, accompanied by a self-service maintenance event to streamline the process further.

If you are an existing MedStack Control customer and eager to test-drive new cluster changes ahead of the curve, please let us know. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us fine-tune our offerings to better suit our customers’ needs.


New Resources

HIPAA Security Compliance White Paper

In today’s ever-evolving healthcare landscape, ensuring the utmost security and compliance with HIPAA regulations is paramount. Our Director of Security & Operations Jodie Struthers and our Security & Privacy Compliance Analyst Tazeen Naqvi poured countless hours into crafting this highly anticipated 2024 HIPAA Security Compliance White Paper, designed to help you navigate the complexities of HIPAA security.

Inside you’ll find:

✅ A comprehensive outlook on HIPAA compliance in 2024
✅ Practical tips and best practices for reducing your organization’s security liabilities and upholding a HIPAA compliant stance
✅ Examples of MedStack’s solutions that are relevant to the HIPAA Security Rule, explored within the context of NIST Special Publication 800-66
✅ Actionable steps to fortify your organization’s security posture

Download your free copy here.


Looking for more of these updates? Visit our changelog to stay in-the-know on all of our of latest product news.