MedStack at AGE-WELL — HACKING HEALTH National Ideathon



MedStack was the proud sponsor of the inaugural AGE-WELL — HACKING HEALTH National Ideathon. On February 3, 2017, the first ideathon kicked-off in Toronto. MedStack was on hand to participate and speak to Toronto’s newest health technology innovators.

AGE-WELL and Hacking Health are teaming up to organize a series of local ideathons — workshop-like events culminating at a national competition in October. Teams attend ideathons to learn about design thinking and business basics to help them brainstorm innovative solutions to problems related to aging.

What is an Ideathon?

An ideathon is a collaborative, workshop-like event where diverse stakeholders harness their collective knowledge and creativity to brainstorm innovative solutions to pressing challenges.

Supporting healthy aging is an issue that is near and dear to our hearts. Everyone knows, and will eventually become someone who will be facing challenges related to aging, from mobility limitations to barriers to resources. It is especially important to us that we support designers, developers and thinkers and they creator and build their solutions.

Good luck to all participants!