HealNow: Go Anywhere Except the Pharmacy



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Visiting the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions is a necessary task for many patients. However, barriers such as time constraints can prevent patients from getting the medication they need.

HealNow Co-founder Halston Prox saw this problem play out in front of him. His father, who works full time and struggles with high blood pressure, was often unable to pick up his medication because he lacked the time or willingness to go to the pharmacy. This was when Halston decided to create HealNow.

“The excuses range from ‘I was working all day and didn’t have time’ to ‘the pharmacy didn’t have the bottle of aspirin I needed’,” explained Halston. “I told myself that this problem could be fixed. There has to be a better way.”

Halston’s father is not alone. Many patients are unable to go to the pharmacy due to their busy schedules and other constraints.

HealNow aims to solve this problem with their online ordering and payment platform for pharmacies. With HealNow, healthcare professionals and pharmacies can offer on-demand deliveries to their patients. The platform also gives HealNow’s independent and health systems pharmacy customers a competitive advantage over major industry players.

We talked to Halston about HealNow and their journey so far.


HealNow: Go Anywhere Except the Pharmacy


What is HealNow?

HealNow is a platform that enables healthcare professionals and pharmacies to offer 1 hour on-demand delivery to their patients. We give clinicians access to view their inventory in real time, order the appropriate products, along with the capability to track this data with powerful reporting and analytics tools.

What does HealNow do?

We partner with local, independent and health system pharmacies who are missing an online ordering presence and want to provide on-demand delivery to patients in their communities. This gives them a competitive edge and helps them acquire more customers to grow their business.

Our platform gives any healthcare professional who works for hospitals, home health agencies, telemedicine companies, and healthcare providers the power to control the last mile of the patient experience and offer on-demand service for their patients, with the ability to track whether their patients have received the products they need .

What are you trying to achieve with HealNow?

Our mission is to make it extremely easy for healthcare organizations and pharmacies to control the last mile of the patient experience by offering on-demand delivery to their patients. By controlling the last mile, healthcare organizations will now have the insight into whether their patients are receiving the medication (or any other medical product) they need. HealNow also gives them the ability to track the health of their population as it relates to medications.

What impact has your platform made? What was the outcome of pharmacies using HealNow?

Our solution has closed the gap between clinicians and the pharmacy. Patients are receiving the products they need and, for the first time, healthcare professionals know if the patient is receiving the products they ordered.

HealNow’s solutions are also increasing sales at independent and health system pharmacies. Instead of picking up their prescription at an external major pharmacy chain, patients are choosing to have their prescriptions delivered from the hospital pharmacy upon discharge. This is an added convenience that helps patients receive and hopefully adhere to their treatment plan.

What are some major milestones and successes?

HealNow has partnered with several healthcare professionals, telemedicine companies and healthcare organizations in New York City and Austin to help bolster our offerings. The feedback has been great. Our customers are pleased with the ease of ordering products for their patients, as well as having metrics around how compliant their patient population is.

Where and how do you see HealNow growing?

We’re focused on increasing the number of healthcare professionals, telemedicine companies and healthcare organizations using HealNow across the country. As our customers become more successful, so do we!

What problems did you face along the way?

Before becoming a MedStack customer, we were faced with the challenge of implementing a HIPAA compliant infrastructure that allowed the company to scale when and how we needed it to. Being a lean startup, we decided that it was more important to spend more time iterating and developing our product rather than creating our own HIPAA compliant infrastructure from scratch.