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Support Guidelines

Last updated: August 6, 2019

Scope of MedStack Support

Our MedStack Technical Support tiers cover development and production issues for MedStack products and services, along with other key stack components:

  • “How to” questions about MedStack services and features
  • Best practices to help you successfully integrate, deploy, and manage applications in the cloud
  • Troubleshooting operational or systemic problems with MedStack resources
  • Issues with our Dashboard  or other MedStack tools
  • Problems detected by our monitoring tools

MedStack Support does not include:

  • Code development
  • Debugging custom software
  • Performing system administration tasks
  • Database query tuning

Response Times

Type of RequestHoursResponse time
Informational requests9 am to 5 pm Eastern Time on business days (in Ontario, Canada)24 hours
Non-functionality of a MedStack system7 am to 11 pm Eastern Time on business days (in Ontario, Canada)4 hours

How to submit a support request

To better assist you and process your request faster, we would like you to follow the guidelines below when sending us a support ticket wherever applicable:

  • Title your request as descriptively as you can.
  • Send us a separate request for each distinct issue. We don’t want to lose any of your issues.
  • If you have an existing or open ticket with us regarding a specific issue, please reply to the same message for that issue to make sure we don’t lose any information related to the issue.
  • If it’s a stoppage or issue significantly affecting your operations, put URGENT in the title of the email with a brief description of the problem. Whenever applicable, include the following to help us investigate faster into the problem:
    • Screenshot of the error or logs.
    • Inform us about any recent changes done on the system.
    • The time your system began experiencing this stoppage.

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