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Benefits for Healthcare Systems

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Streamline procurement process and vendor onboarding to enable more rapid innovation

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Bridge the gap between the innovation sector and traditional healthcare systems

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Save time and increase credibility with provable table-stakes compliance and security posture

Feature Highlight

Audit Engine

Bridging the connection between policies and platform, Audit Engine is an AI at the core of MedStack Control that responds to vendor security assessments on your behalf, answering up to 90% of vendor diligence questionnaires regarding MedStack’s inheritable administrative, physical, and technical safeguards.

audit engine
Smart SIEM

Smart SIEM

Applications deployed to MedStack Control are managed by MedStack’s Smart SIEM, our proprietary system that governs security information and event management. Powered by MedStack’s Engineering Security Program, Smart SIEM automates audit and security diligence through an immutable activity log, active management of cloud infrastructure security, and intrusion detection response.


The MedStack Control platform is governed by policies and procedures that map to many authority document requirements such as HIPAA, SOC2, and ISO 27001. MedStack’s managed platform and inheritable safeguards are synchronized in real-time to reflect the true state of your cloud environments and compliance posture.

compliance bot

Compliance Bot

Built into the core of MedStack Control’s platform, Compliance Bot intelligently generates evidence to support your inheritable attestations, accelerating your company’s process in achieving key certifications such as SOC 2 and more.


MedStack’s Guide toVendor Security Assessments

A comprehensive guide that contains everything you need to know to navigate the complicated world of Vendor Security Assessments (VSAs).


Vendor security assessments

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