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MedStack is a SOC 2 & HIPAA-compliant platform designed for healthcare app development.


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Leave the technical architecting to us and spend your time doing what you do best. MedStack codifies the vast majority of security and privacy requirements so you don’t have to, giving you the freedom to focus on building your application’s core functionality to deliver a superior clinical and patient experience.

Supported Frameworks


Hard-coded  compliance for stress-free development

MedStack takes the complexity out of building HIPAA compliant applications for software developers. With compliance provability at the core, MedStack streamlines mobile healthcare and medical app development with our industry leading suite of cloud compliance tools and HIPAA compliant software development guarantees.

MedStack makes it easy to maintain compliant cloud resources and services, generate evidence to prove policy adherence of these environments, and leverage natural language processing (NLP) to help answer security questionnaires.

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Deploy your containerized Docker applications to MedStack’s managed cluster

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Inherit up to 70% of the privacy and security mandates that govern the digital health industry

MedStack Icons

Build, test, and deploy applications to MedStack Control with a simple webhook integration, or tie directly into your existing CI/CD pipeline

Product Features

One-Click Clusters

Deploying cloud resources on MedStack Control can be done in one click, simplifying and automating resource provisioning rules, and ensuring every cloud service governed by MedStack Control adheres to the privacy and security mandates defined by HIPAA and SOC 2 authority documents.

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container registry

Container Registry Integration

By providing MedStack Control with basic authentication credentials to a container registry, applications are deployed by pulling a delegated container image and distributing it across containers upon separated single tenant infrastructure.

Alert Manager

Cluster-based alerts and configurable notification lists govern the dispatch of important information about cluster infrastructure automatically, ensuring teams and systems are informed of events impacting your resources in real-time.

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Pipeline Integration

Whether you have an existing CI/CD pipeline or manually deploy application instances, MedStack Control’s API and webhook integration fit workflows for any deployment system.

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Discover how MedStack’s all-in-one compliance platform can help your company meet and maintain the privacy and security requirements of the digital health industry.

Spend more time building your app and let us handle compliance.  Let’s start a conversation about how MedStack can help your brand. 


Free Guide: HIPAA For Developers

The HIPAA mistakes that healthcare application developers make and how to avoid them.


HIPPA a guide for developers

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