Case Study: How MedStack Helped KEEP Labs Expedite Their Security Audit Process


With KEEP your medication is in a good place. Smart, safe and elegant storage means better living for everyone. KEEP Labs was founded by real parents after a very real scare- everyone was ok. But, a glaring truth was revealed. Where we keep our medication isn’t good enough, safe enough or smart enough. They knew they could do better.

KEEP’s safe storage device provides customers with a customizable LED display that can be programmed to show the time, temperature, humidity, or even a personalized greeting. It has a robust mobile application that pairs with the device, allowing users to manage complex medication schedules, and includes safety features such as anti-tampering notifications when the box is moved, opened or closed to ensure your medication is in the right hands. The KEEP device is secured with two-factor authentication and biometric face and fingerprint unlocking via the mobile application for additional safety.



As a small startup, KEEP Labs was faced with the age-old question of resource allocation. They needed to decide between hiring and training a compliance team to ensure their application was HIPAA-compliant or partnering with a company such as MedStack.

The urgency of making this build-or-buy decision was increased exponentially by an impending deal with a Fortune 10 customer. Their project was green-lit, but in order to secure their contract, KEEP Labs needed to pass an extensive information security review to prove its security and compliance posture.

KEEP Labs chose to keep their team focused on building and deploying their product, but were also unwilling to risk the security of their data and systems. So, they chose MedStack.


By running their application on MedStack, KEEP Labs was immediately equipped with built-in security controls, inheritable policies, and was mapped to major compliance frameworks, including up to 75% of all required HIPAA controls, and up to 60% of SOC 2 Type II evidence.
This gave them the secure and compliant infrastructure they needed, allowing them to keep their user data safe.

Not only did MedStack simplify the ability to build a secure application, but KEEP Labs also benefited from another key MedStack offering: an AI at the core of MedStack’s platform that responds to vendor security questionnaires on behalf of its customers. Instead of having to answer hundreds of questions across dozens of spreadsheet tabs regarding its information security practices, a process that often takes weeks of dedicated work, MedStack’s Audit Engine was able to turn around a completed questionnaire in less than 5 days, well before the deadline.



KEEP Labs was able to save 6-12 months of development time and avoided having to hire, train and build its own internal compliance team. This allowed KEEP Labs to remain focused on building out core product functionality, and instead allocate their resources to meeting key milestones in its roadmap.

“We were able to go from the first call to turning everything on in a matter of weeks. It won us a deal that completely changed the trajectory of the business,” said Philip Wilkins, Co-Founder and President.

Most importantly, they were able to satisfy the requirements of their Fortune 10 customer and secured their contract with ease. With MedStack’s help, they continue to bring customers peace of mind by securing both their prescriptions, and their data.


“We were able to go from the first call to turning everything on in a matter of weeks. It won us a deal that completely changed the trajectory of the business.”

– Philip Wilkins, Co-Founder and President

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