Case Study: How MedStack Enabled Maple to Rapidly Scale and Meet Explosive Demand


Maple is Canada’s leading telemedicine provider, serving over a million Canadians. Its 24/7 technology platform connects patients with over 800 registered physicians and other healthcare providers such as dermatologists, psychotherapists, and lactation consultants. It also provides custom technology solutions for hospitals and clinics seeking to deliver virtual care to their own patients. In a matter of minutes, patients are able to virtually connect with a healthcare
provider for non-urgent medical issues, reducing lengthy wait times and alleviating stress on existing health systems.


Founded in 2015, Maple became a MedStack customer in early 2016. “MedStack was instrumental in helping Maple to design and implement a secure solution for hosting medical data, in a manner that complies with guidelines. Given that the protection of users’ personal health information is of the highest priority, Maple could not have launched as rapidly without MedStack’s solution,” says Maple Co-Founder and CEO Dr. Brett Belchetz. Demand for Maple’s services grew steadily over the next few years, but the real test came in early 2020 with the arrival of COVID-19. In a matter of days, the medical
system faced unprecedented volumes. Telemedicine was thrown into the spotlight overnight and Maple needed to scale fast.


Maple was able to securely ramp up its infrastructure services in record time thanks to MedStack’s highly-scalable container-based solution, which ensured the integrity of its application was never compromised. Over the course of four weeks, MedStack facilitated seven separate expansions of Maple’s infrastructure, with four of those expansions occurring over the course of two days alone as new and returning users flocked to the platform in record numbers. Just two months earlier, MedStack helped Maple complete its SOC 2 Type 1 audit report, affirming its commitment to protecting sensitive health information and providing added confidence in its offering when Canadians needed it most.

Screen Shot 2023-04-06 at 2.14.17 PM


Maple experienced a 500% increase in usage and added over 200 healthcare providers to its platform in one month alone, all without any interruption to its services. With MedStack’s help, Maple has solidified its position as Canada’s telemedicine leader for years to come and has forever accelerated the curve of digital health adoption.


MedStack was instrumental in helping Maple to design and implement a secure solution for hosting medical data. Maple could not have launched as rapidly without MedStack.

– Brett Belchetz, Co-Founder and CEO, Maple

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