Onboarding onto a vendor’s platform can be a daunting experience. 

Every company has different procedures, and it can be challenging to anticipate what steps will be taken, and how much time needs to be set aside for successful onboarding. 

At MedStack, we walk you through every step of our efficient process that has been used to successfully onboard hundreds of customers. 

To demystify the process, here is a rundown of what you can expect before, during and after your MedStack onboarding process. Welcome!

Before Onboarding Begins

Before onboarding officially begins, a MedStack Account Executive will guide you through the process of creating a company account on MedStack Control. If you are unfamiliar with two-factor authentication, this is the time to ask. You also have the option to read our extensive documentation prior to creating your account.

Next, an Account Executive will create your MedStack subscription.

Step 1: Welcome Email 

A MedStack Customer Success Manager and Account Executive will coordinate behind the scenes to prepare for a smooth and effective onboarding kickoff. Then, your Account Executive will send a welcome email, formally introducing you to your Customer Success Manager. They will be your primary point of contact throughout your journey in scaling your digital health application with MedStack. 

Step 2: Set up the Onboarding Call

After you receive your welcome email, your Customer Success Manager will respond on the thread with a follow-up onboarding email. This email aims to schedule an onboarding session with you, the Account Executive and an Application Support Engineer. 

Step 3: The Onboarding Call

Before your onboarding call, we create a tailored onboarding slide deck that outlines your purchase, onboarding timeline, onboarding checklist, check-in schedule and how to contact support.

Here is a sample agenda for a typical MedStack onboarding call. 

1. The first step in an onboarding call are introductions. This is your opportunity to meet your MedStack success team. 

2. Next is a review of what MedStack does, and we take you step by step through the onboarding checklist our team has prepared for you. 

3. Our team values an interactive approach during our onboarding calls. During this step, our team will have some questions for you to answer, in order for us to give you the best possible customer experience. Our team will ask you about your current challenges, and priorities. This is a crucial component of the process, as we believe that learning the mission of our customers is crucial to a successful partnership.

4. Based on the information provided by the Account Executive, you and your Customer Success Manager can discuss your specific compliance needs and the timeline for launch. 

5. Next, you are given the opportunity to ask any technical questions you may have. An application support engineer participates in all onboarding calls in case of complex technical inquiries. 

6. Following the technical questions, we do a quick “demo” of the Control dashboard and provide access to key resources on MedStack.

  • How our compliance policies apply to you
  • How to submit industry compliance questions and VSAs, and how we will respond to them using our answer library
  • Best practices for preparing your application for deployment in our environment
  • How to test connections and application status
  • How to leverage MedStack’s co-marketing resources to tell your story and share news
  • How to submit technical support tickets. Production issues are all hands on deck, powered by our Pager service
  • Reminders about prepay agreements and your timelines as they may apply

7. Once the demo portion of the call is complete, your Customer Success Manager will discuss marketing initiatives and partnerships. 

8. Lastly, your Customer Success Manager gives you an overview of the next steps.

Step 5: Implementation

Implementation looks different for every customer, as every company is different. However, in MedStack’s implementation process, there are consistencies across customers in terms of support from our team. 

Following the onboarding call, your Customer Success Manager will email you the presentation from the call, and discuss any next steps.  

After one week, your Customer Success Manager will check in on you again. They will evaluate whether you are experiencing any difficulties during onboarding, and step in to help if necessary. 

This step repeats for 2 weeks, and at the 4-week mark, we schedule a video call. You can submit support tickets at any point during your implementation process, and do not need to wait for these check-in milestones. 


Your Customer Success Manager reviews support tickets, as well as any emails from you. After onboarding, you can still submit support tickets whenever you have any problems, and the MedStack team will be there for you. All of our subscription packages come with unlimited calls with your assigned support team where we can cover things like technical questions, compliance calls, business reviews, architecture review calls and more. 

If you want to learn more about MedStack Control, book a demo today