Pre-built HIPAA Compliance & EHR Interoperability

MedStack is your privacy compliance and data interoperability solution for healthcare apps.

Our developer-friendly cloud hosting platform delivers built-in privacy and security protocols and an HL7 FHIR data model and API. With MedStack’s infrastructure agnostic devops tools and pre-written privacy policy documentation, you can significantly reduce the time and cost to build and launch hospital and insurance payer-ready digital innovations.

Discover what MedStack can do

Apps for Hospitals

Support stringent security expectations and integrate patient EHR data

Apps for Clinics

Help speed patient care through smart, patient-centric experiences

Patient Apps

Drive powerful decentralized care, connecting patient-facing apps with care planning

How does MedStack Work?

MedStack’s intelligent compiler system quickly establishes cloud hosting for your application, tailor-built to support the tools and infrastructure you need, built-in with the privacy protocols, security architecture and interoperability-ready data structures needed to healthcare adoption.


Application and data cloud hosting with built-in privacy operations for US (HIPAA) & Canadian compliance and robust Defense-in-Depth security.

Privacy Operations & Compliance

Pre-written privacy policy documents for compliance and special discount rates for consulting services from highly-recognized privacy experts.

Developer Flexibility

Bring-Your-Own-Architecture approach to developer freedom across language, database, and deployment tools, with support for customer analytics suites.


Integrated HL7 FHIR format database API for easy EMR/EHR data interoperability across a wide range of vendor systems.

Why MedStack?

Most healthcare innovations never make it to the providers and patients that need them, because Enterprise IT diligence is complex and expensive, for both developers and hospital CIOs. MedStack supports high standards of security and privacy management, but speeds diligence through standardization of archiecture and documentation.


Without MedStack

Developers face overshot schedules and exceeded budgets due to architecture and legal work for compliance and interoperability.


With MedStack

Developers can focus on their own innovations across UI, workflow and analytics, and bring better patient value.

Learn more about the complexities and tricky nuances of compliance and interoperability and how MedStack simplifies the ecosystem.

These tasks are projects in themselves, yet are non-negotiable. Let’s unpack the details.


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We have decades of experience building healthcare apps and integrating them with provider enterprises, and our platform is built on that expertise. Find out what we can do for you.