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Compliance Automation Software
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Provable HIPAA Compliance Guarantees

MedStack's platform delivers built-in privacy and security protocols tailor-made to healthcare industry expectations, including encryption, certificate and key management, backups, monitoring and logging.

With the vast majority of HIPAA controls covered out-of-the-box and pre-written privacy policy documentation, MedStack makes it faster, easier and more affordable to build and launch digital health solutions that automatically meet the requirements of today's healthcare enterprises.

Apps for Hospitals
Support stringent security expectations and integrate patient EHR data
Apps for Clinics
Help speed patient care through smart, patient-centric experiences
Patient Apps
Drive powerful decentralized care, connecting patient-facing apps with care planning
MedStack was instrumental in helping Maple to design and implement a secure solution for hosting medical data, in a manner that complies with guidelines. Given that the protection of users’ personal health information is our highest priority, Maple could not have launched without MedStack’s solution.
Brett Belchetz, Co-Founder and CEO, Maple

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