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Product Features

Smart SIEM

Applications deployed to MedStack Control are managed by MedStack’s Smart SIEM, our proprietary system that governs security information and event management. Powered by MedStack’s Engineering Security Program, Smart SIEM automates audit and security diligence through an immutable activity log, active management of cloud infrastructure security, and intrusion detection response.

Smart SIEM
disaster recovery engine

Disaster Recovery Engine

Every MedStack Control cluster enforces immutable backup procedures that automatically capture snapshots of Docker environment configurations, volume data, and managed database servers, strengthening your application’s posture against ransomware, malicious cyberattacks, and disasters.

Encryption Engine

Data in transit and at rest are enforced by MedStack Control’s Encryption Engine which automates data encryption, disk encryption, and certificate issue and renewal, ensuring your cloud applications are protecting client requests and their data.

encryption engine

HIPAA Compliance Guide for Software Development

When it comes to healthcare application development, building a HIPAA-compliant app is critical.

A guide for developers

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