MedStack streamlines the onerous process of ensuring our multi-disciplinary EHR platform Arya is secure and HIPAA-/PHIPA-compliant, allowing us to save time and focus our resources on building a better product. This has been integral to Arya’s rapid growth and ability to create an innovative product that improves patient care and outcomes.

– Dr. Sam Gharbi, Co-Founder of Arya Health

We have worked with MedStack for over a year now and we couldn’t be happier. MedStack has been proactive and helpful in ensuring that our product and offering scales while remaining compliant. They are a true partner in every sense of the word, their customer care and expertise in compliance and security is essential to any Health Technology application. We look forward to a long symbiotic relationship with them.

– Brian Berchtold, CEO of Skin Check Online

MedStack speeds up our development process.

– Rob Attwell, COO of Careteam

Regardless of your vertical, every startup needs to focus on their value proposition in order to succeed. This is especially true in healthcare, and MedStack’s HIPAA-compliant platform and expert technical support remove one of the biggest barriers to entry in Healthcare innovation. Medstack allowed Keriton to build our SaaS feeding management solution for NICUs, and feel confident when deploying. As our needs grow, Medstack is there to support us.

– Dan Kelley, CTO of Keriton

MedStack was instrumental in helping Maple to design and implement a secure solution for hosting medical data, in a manner that complies with Ontario’s PHIPA guidelines. Given that the protection of users’ personal health information is our highest priority, Maple could not have launched without MedStack’s custom tailored solution.

– Brett Belchetz, CEO of Maple

We are proud to have been longtime partners of MedStack, working with them since the launch of our mobile care software platform, sharing their passion for digital innovation in our industry. Their expertise in infrastructure security, compliance assurance and dedication to supporting their customers has helped us ensure we can deliver on critical data protection commitments to our patients, providers and partners.

– Daniel Warner, CEO & Founder of Mediseen

Navigating the health-tech industry and its information privacy requirements can be difficult and costly. MedStack provides a valuable service that complies with Ontario’s PHIPA guidelines in a supportive, cost-effective package that allows us to focus on running and growing HealthCasa. The security of our patients’ information is fundamental to our operation, and MedStack gives us peace of mind that our privacy is in the best hands. The support and executive teams are very responsive and always available to discuss anything. MedStack is a valuable partner in helping us to advance the health-tech sector.

– Mike Gaspar, COO & Co-Founder of Health Casa

With MedStack, we easily switched off of a labor-intensive AWS setup, freeing up our team to work on our core products and growth. Great company and robust HIPAA compliance! We’ve been using Medstack for 6 months. Stands up to enterprise security requirements of both our large health systems and group practice customers. Highly recommend!

– Raphael Anstey, CEO of CircleLink Health

As a technology leader in several mature healthtech startups and two global enterprises, I am too often frustrated when I need to reinvent the same solution at each organization. Finding a secure hosting partner who can ensure I am compliant with the relevant HIPAA and PHIPA regulations has been impossible until now. Honestly, thank goodness I have found MedStack! Privacy is a competitive advantage in healthcare; yet, obtaining and maintaining an audit-ready privacy infrastructure is an escalator of investment that rapidly grows into six-figures. I am delighted to have discovered MedStack and the time, money, and sanity I am able to reclaim and reinvest where it will have much greater impact.

– Adam Cole, former CTO of Newtopia

Medstack allows us to spend more time on our company’s mission and growth, without making any sacrifices. The Medstack service supplements our team with additional security and cloud infrastructure experts in a cost efficient way. Their customer service is top-notch and Balaji and his team are always available when we need them.

– Mike Cwalinski, CEO of Repisodic

Knowing our infrastructure is secure and our data is HIPAA compliant has enabled us to build faster and innovate more. With MedStack, we now have the confidence to scale with our customers, meeting their various needs and unique environments. Additionally, MedStack customer service is top notch!

– Subha Airan-Javia, Co-Founder of TrekIT

Regulatory and privacy requirements are two of the greatest challenges that confront healthcare technology startups. Both must be addressed before launching even a minimal product. MedStack greatly simplified our path to privacy compliance with their secure platform and guidance on privacy policies.

– Jason Bass, CEO & Founder of Unboxed Health

Medstack has been an invaluable partner in ensuring consistent uptime, strong compliance and a robust platform.  Their responsiveness on requests and support has been nothing short of fabulous.  Even during off hours, their response times are unmatched by any other partner we work with.

– Cary Ussery, CEO of Livpact

MedStack saved us a ton of time on our HIPAA policies. They are very knowledgeable and patient and worked great with my own technical team to get our application moved over and operational in their environment. It is peace of mind and credibility as we start to partner with larger, more sophisticated partners.

– Rich Carpenter, CEO & Founder of Handoff

MedStack’s service saved us a lot of time and money with their PHIPA compliance out of a box solution. We didn’t need to build expensive infrastructure in house. Furthermore they are a great partner interested in our success.

– Vikram Luthra, CEO of Avocare

Right within the Dreamit program we were able to see how dramatically MedStack accelerates healthcare applications. The MedStack team has strong expertise both technically and with industry specific issues, making development and compliance much faster and easier. We’re excited about MedStack having seen the positive impact they have on development teams seeking to solve important healthcare problems.

– Roy Rosen, Chief Innovation Officer of Penn Medicine

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