All new power and flexibility in digital app development.

Create HIPAA-compliant environments in minutes and get to market up to 60% faster with fully-managed and built-in privacy compliance.

Integrate Privacy & Compliance Solutions

MedStack Control is an all-new automated deployment and real-time infrastructure management system based on MedStack’s proven healthcare app compliance framework

The Power is in Your Hands

Real-time manageable and editable cloud hosting
Pre-written privacy policies, audit log visualization, and real-time monitoring
Support for privacy rules on all data centres in the U.S. and Canada
Beautifully designed interface Redesigned and feature-enhanced Active Monitoring solution
Definable Docker containers and support for any packaged service or application in a Docker container Managed database VMs and other services
Automatic billing based on hourly usage Hierarchical permissions-based admin user management

Robust DevOps Platform

MedStack Control is a secure, reliable, and speedy platform for your healthcare application infrastructure, supporting environments configured to set up any Docker image.
And now more responsive and beautiful than ever before, this is our best navigation experience yet.

See your cluster's security settings and resources in a single view, and easily navigate to your services by clicking the service container.

All administrative controls are accessible via a single dropdown menu.

Managed database servers now have the ability to add rules to allow external connections from specific IP addresses.

Our improved services page layout brings your most cared about actions right to the surface.

Troubleshooting Docker services has been made even easier, now with the ability to view historic container logs.

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