Back-End DevOps Security Automation Developer

Intermediate level

(Toronto-based but remote is acceptable, work-from-home, salaried + equity + benefits)

MedStack is on a mission to transform the process of healthcare innovation. The company is a venture-backed startup backed by prominent VCs and is a successful graduate of 500 Startups (Techcrunch pick) and the Creative Destruction Lab, and seeks to grow its technology team with the addition of a  DevOps Automation Developer to help expand the scalability and feature set of its core offering.

Our product is a highly-advanced, automation-powered cloud hosting environment dedicated to digital health applications that automatically builds in and manages the privacy and security expectations that their customers (hospitals, insurance companies, public health and clinic networks, and patient populations themselves) adhere to, and that often create a massive barrier to innovation adoption.  The company has several such applications on its network already across North America and beyond.

Our business is one of providing a subscription technology platform, but we are also a movement, a community and are champions of startups and entrepreneurship.  Our customers work with us and with each other to tackle the world’s biggest problem, making healthcare more efficient, accessible, economical and effective.

The technology powered by MedStack is a platform-as-a-service, which might be thought of as the “Heroku of healthcare”.  Our stack is based on Ruby and Python, with heavy use of DevOps tools such as Docker, Ansible and Terraform across multiple providers (AWS, Azure and others in the future) and our technology culture encompasses automation, security, collaboration, creative problem-solving and user workflow.  


  • Development and analysis of custom cloud automation tooling for the establishment of virtual machines and containers and their associated services such as monitoring, logging and billing
  • Product development on the UX of our core interfaces and customer systems
  • Analysis of new industry technologies from new versions of development frameworks to new security and privacy regulations to determine implementation roadmap for our platform
  • Support for our customer community by way of technical problem solving as first triaged by Support and scoping of new customer requests as prioritized by Sales
  • Participation in standups, sprint planning, pair coding, code reviews and architecture and roadmap discussions


  • 3-5 years’ practical experience as a Back-end Developer or SysAdmin
  • Demonstrable experience with DevOps automation tools such as Ansible, Chef, Puppet or Terraform
  • Experience building, implementing and using container frameworks such as Docker or Kubernetes
  • Strong familiarity with one of AWS, Azure or Google Cloud and their tooling and native services
  • Comfort working in small collaborative teams with independent ownership and self-direction
  • Familiarity with remote work environments integrating digital collaboration tools such as Slack and videoconferencing
  • Strong demonstrable interest in digital and cloud security and data privacy
  • You’ve looked at operational processes and built or advocated your own custom improvements via automation code – be prepared to explain the problem and how you solved it
  • Superior communication skills – we work largely remotely and so rely heavily on how we communicate problems, opinions, plans and solutions to each other
  • A portfolio of personal projects that demonstrate your interest and coding ability (eg Github repository) isn’t essential, but preferred

Working Environment:

  • MedStack is a remote work culture company.  Each team member has a distinct set of responsibilities and is self-directed, often working from home.  We rely on video conferencing and heavy Slack communication extensively.
  • We meet as a team at least twice a month to celebrate, speak frankly, plan, tackle challenges and learn from each other.
  • We have high standards for specificity, accuracy, and quality.  Our core product is digital security infrastructure and everything from our team processes to our brand reflects a culture of facts-first, entrepreneurship vs the status quo, celebrating our customers’ success before ours and collaboration and openness.
  • We are not hierarchical and we have stringent and bold objectives on diversity and inclusion.
  • This position is intermediate salaried with a generous benefits and vacation package.  You will have the opportunity to partake in the company’s employee stock option plan, and there is no better time to come into an early-stage company that is redefining an industry.
  • Candidates should be prepared for a small live pseudo-coding challenge in the interviewing process.
  • Selected candidates will be offered a limited scope but company-valuable project to build on their own time via a small paid contract.  This code and the development strategy behind it will be evaluated as a final step towards offer of the full-time position.

Recruitment Agencies: Please do NOT apply